Conference Center

The Conference Center is a 2,193 square foot space that can accommodate up to 64 guests. Included in the Conference Center is use of the audio/visual equipment which ranges from three large televisions that are projection-ready (one 90-inch screen and two 50-inch screens), to wireless microphones enabled with a surround sound stereo system, to video conferencing from one IP address to another (FaceTime/Skype not supported). There is also a kitchenette area which contains a refrigerator & microwave for catering purposes. We ask that you please inform the Property Management team if you will be utilizing a caterer.

The Conference Center is available to our tenants for a flat rate of $250.00 per use. The room can be reserved through a first come, first served based reservation system. It is required that each tenant sign a waiver prior to utilizing the room. Please contact your Property Manager for more information or to inquire about reservations. In addition, it is recommended that a representative from your company visits the Conference Center at least one business day in advance to ensure all audio/visual needs are met.

We are excited to offer this amenity to our customers and look forward to the utilization of the Chesterbrook Conference Center for your future conferences and events.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Chesterbrook Management Office at (610) 640-1400.