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Property Description

A striking L-shaped design highlights this magnificent three-story, 73,000 square foot building located adjacent to Chesterbrook Corporate Center's Wyndham Hotel. The handsome brick façade is accented with curved roof corners, dark green custom tile detailing and broad expanses of reflective glass. Abundant landscaping, an attractive outdoor seating area and a convenient drop-off entranceway add to the building's desirability. Inside, the dramatic two-story atrium lobby is finished in granite and chrome. Additional interior features include quality finishes and advanced technological amenities to create a satisfying and productive business environment.

Service Requests

Authorized Tenant Representatives can use the On-line Service Request system to request routine maintenance service, overtime HVAC service and other special services from the management office. Click here to access the On-Line Service Request system for 690 Lee Road.

Electronic Tenant Directory

The Electronic Tenant directory is an easy to use guide to the tenants of 690 Lee Road. Click here to access the directory.

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