1400 Morris Drive

Property Description

A handsome architectural design, an adaptable 89,000 square foot floorplan and a highly convenient location on the Morris Drive cul de sac make 1400 Morris Drive an efficient corporate solution. The building's three-story wedge-shaped design creates broad expanses of glass, providing an abundance of natural lighting to interior office spaces. Several offices have magnificent panoramic views of the corporate center's expansive open space. Tenant areas throughout the building are designed to incorporate a full range of advanced technological amenities to both enhance corporate image and maximize employee productivity.

Service Requests

Authorized Tenant Representatives can use the On-line Service Request system to request routine maintenance service, overtime HVAC service and other special services from the management office. Click here to access the On-Line Service Request system for 1400 Morris Drive.

Electronic Tenant Directory

The Electronic Tenant directory is an easy to use guide to the tenants of 1400 Morris Drive. Click here to access the directory.