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Pitcairn Properties employs a team of maintenance technicians to provide necessary preventive maintenance required to keep the mechanical system of the building in good operational condition, as well as to answer individual problems as they occur.

To ensure fast and efficient service, the maintenance office has an employee on duty from 7:30am to 5:00pm. When your request for service is received, a work order is prepared and a technician is dispatched to answer the call.

All requests for repairs and services such as light bulb replacement, repair of broken door locks, janitorial service, etc. should be directed to Pitcairn Properties management office. In addition, hot calls, cold calls, leaks, power failures, etc., should be directed to the Property Management Office.

To request services, authorized representatives can click here to access the On-Line Service Request System for your building or call the Pitcairn Properties management office at 610-640-1400.
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